Banned Books

I suppose I became more aware of the phrase when I read about it in the Atlantic Monthly. Maybe it was the New Yorker. That might have been thirty years ago. The banning people were finding fault with Mark Twain’s writing a century after his words were published and the world had seen them. They turned a deaf ear to those who disagreed and kept hammering  away at their mission, as if anyone truly cared. 

Thinking back, these folks reminded me of a county commission, any county commission, bringing a proposal before they people so many times it eventually passes by default. What’s that old rule, if you hear the same thing three times it must be true?
And so we have this list of banned titles everyone ignores. Hell, the thought of reading the titles probably never crossed my mind until some group with too much time on their hands decided I needed to be sheltered from reality. But the Internet makes banning more difficult.

That’s my humble opinion.


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