Voting From Down Under

Indiana’s secretary of state has been talking all loose and angry about voter fraud. She’s outraged. ‘Tis the season. Plus, protecting the vote for Hoosiers is her only significant constitutional job. But to trust Connie Lawson’s accusations, you also must accept there now are 1,485 Hoosier voters on official rolls who were first registered to vote before 1910. That would make them over 124 years of age as of April 2016. We can say with presumptive authority that Lawson might be wrong about having certified those 1,485. They’re not going to vote in the Nov. 8 election because they are dead. But they’re eligible. Evidence suggests that Lawson is not only erroneous in her views about Democratic …

This is disturbing but not surprising.

I was very young when FDR was reelected to his last term as president during World War II, so I don’t have any firsthand knowledge of voter fraud. However, I recall overhearing an adult conversation that sounds much the same….

The names of twelve people who used our address when they registered to vote were also found on the headstones in a nearby cemetery.