Audio Books

I’m a product of the audio era. Though I saw my first television in 1947 my family didn’t own one for more than a decade thereafter. Barb and I have owned a TV since 1962, but it never became my favorite pastime.

These past few weeks I’ve been trying out the audio books from the library. But one person trying to sound like three or four different characters doesn’t cut it for me.

I suppose produces consider their bottom line important than a quality product. In my opinion, it sounds so hokey that fetching a free audio book from the local library isn’t worth the fuel – not even Dan Brown or Nora Roberts or Tom Clancy novels.

The Internet still offers Gun Smoke, Jack Benny, The Six Gun, and a host of Old Time Radio programs for the cost of a WiFi connection. These programs employed different people for the voices of different characters.

They’ve accomplished one thing – driving me back to my Kindle where the pictures and voices are more satisfactory.