One Hundred day writing challenge – Day 2

At this moment, the area you’re in is suddenly ravaged by zombies. With the internet and phone lines cut off, all you have at your disposal are things in your room. What sort of strategies do you use to get out? How do you see things differently now that they can be used for your survival?

Length: 400 words

^ ^ ^

Barb and I occupy a fourth floor studio apartment near the Hudson River. A solitary window, large enough to accommodate a fire escape, looks out over the roof of a medical center. Three oak trees are visible, leafless, stark against the flat, gray sky.

It’s mid morning. Everyone is at work. Normally, Barb would be across from me, seated in a pool of light cast from a brass floor lamp that was once her mother’s. Her bat winged chair facing away from the drafty entryway. Her lap covered by a colorful afghan. However, this morning she’s out participating in a quilting bee at a local community center one block east of our apartment complex.

I’m at my desk editing the last chapter of a mystery novel when the silence is broken by a loud crash. Noise from neighbors is commonplace, but not this hour. I stop. My fingers resting on my Underwood upright, I await more sounds. But there is none. Instead, a stench unlike anything I have ever experienced fills the apartment. An instant later the entryway door is ripped from its hinges and collapsing into the room. Behind it are three zombies, their clothing in tatters, shreds of rotting flesh peel off , falling to the carpet as they advance toward me.

A baseball bat in the corner near the door for protection against intruders is not accessible. In one desperate move, I grab my heavy typewriter, turn and hurl it toward the closest Zombie. Unsteady on his feet, he sprawls, tripping those behind him. My hastily reaction rewards me with a few spare seconds.

Leaping from my chair, I twist, throwing myself through the window glass. The sudden chill of the winter air and the steel grating hardly registers as I land on my back on the fire escape. Rolling over at warp speed, I grab the handrail and an instant later I race down the ladder. Throwing caution to wind, I sprint toward the community center.

399 words