The 1952 Presidential Election

How many times have I been disappointed or elated the morning following election day? I could probably make an estimate, but wouldn’t prove very much when I found the answer. It’s easier to recount an exchange between my paternal grandfather and his veterinarian, Doc. Tipton.

They were always had opposing views – Grandpa was Republican, Tip was Democrat.

A time or two during the summer of 1952 Tip was called out to Tanglewood Farm to treat sick livestock. No big deal. The big deal came the day after Ike won the presidency.

The 1952 morning after Ike won Tip was scheduled to inoculate some 400 hogs. I Grandpa’s body language said could hardly wait for him to arrive.

Well, Tip made it into the White House,” Grandpa called out, grinning, as Tip came within earshot.

Yep he sure did and it cost me $700,” Tip growled. It was going to be a rough day.

How so,” Grandpa asked, his smile fading.

I threw an ash tray through my television.”