100-Day Challenge – Day 7

Combine a newspaper article from today’s news with a famous poem. Choose ten phrases from each and superimpose them into a poem. This will really help you focus on the construction of the work, as opposed to the difficult creative process.

^ ^ ^

This challenge, #7, is impossible for me to complete.

Perhaps, had I labored on, I might have found something in the news that blended with a harsh poem. But we have enough ranting wall-to-wall Trump news already. I’ve had it up to here with political grating, scraping, rasping, and disagreements. It’s nothing short of verbal gunfire. On top of that, some knucklehead on Facebook is trying to sell a book explaining how to shoot one’s way out of a situation.

So, after spending an afternoon trying to hitch my poetic wagon to a current newsworthy event, or any sane event, I’ve thrown my literary arms in the air and chose these eleven lines of Longfellow’s *The Wayside Inn*.

I wish they had more to do with our current world.  

As ancient is this hostelry

As any in the land may be,

Built in the old Colonial day,

When men lived in a grander way,

With ampler hospitality;

A kind of old Hobgoblin Hall,

Now somewhat fallen to decay,

With weather-stains upon the wall,

And stairways worn, and crazy doors,

And creaking and uneven floors,

And chimneys huge, and tiled and tall.