Stephen Hawking

Until last year I took the words and thoughts of Stephen Hawking seriously. I wouldn’t say I hung on his every word, but I considered his theories. But last year a new rant caused me to change my opinion of him. He said Christians fear the dark. I’m a christian and I’m insulted by that remark. Even more, I take issue with anyone who finds fault with another person’s faith, even if it’s no faith at all.

This week he predicts that the human race will destroy itself in about 1,000 years if we don’t find another planet before then. Really? Is he planning to be around to say “I told you so.”?

I don’t know how he reached this conclusion, but his statement reminds me of a silly story Will Rogers once told:

I was visiting Yellowstone,” he said, and when I came upon Old Faithful I found a group listening to a park ranger. I got there in time to hear the ranger say that geologists estimate that Old Faithful will probably stop spewing hot water in about 10,000 years. A lady interrupted him. ‘How long did you say’? He repeated the estimate of 10,000 years. She heaved a sigh and smiled. ‘Thank heavens, I thought you said 1,000 years.’

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  1. Scott says:

    Indeed. We are not, a people considering the future of those who follow. Thanks for the response. Moving hardly seems like a good alternative.


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