The Border war along the Missouri/Kansas line reached a point where President Lincoln dispatched General Thomas Ewing to the scene with orders to end the violence using whatever mean he deemed necessary.

The Red Legs, Jay Hawkers, Border Ruffians, and James Quantril’s Raides often crossed into Missouri raiding and killing. Ewing soon determined the sisters, wives, and girlfriends of these outlaws were helping them. He rounded them up and jailed them in a Kansas City warehouse. Unfortunately, the roof caved in and many of the woman will killed.

Quantril took revenge by traveling to Coffeyville, Kansas where he killed 184 men and boys and then burned most of the town. Reacting to this, Ewing gave the Missouri residents fifteen days to clear out and he burned every structure that stood in the four Missouri Counties leaning against the Kansas Line.

It was called it Ewing’s Scorched Earth Policy.

My great-grandfather David William road into Bates County in 1869 and purchased Tanglewood Farm for pennies on the dollar. Was he a Carpet Bagger?


A side note – Suzan B. Anthony’s brother was second in command of Quantril’s Raiders. Only in one place have I found his name recorded in the annals of history. everywhere else he’s only Suzan B. Anthony’s brother.

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