A Portal To Hell?

Has anyone ever heard of the Skull Cemetery in Kansas?

Legend claims that in the mid 19th Century Lucifer needed an evil graveyard in which to perform his evil deeds – human sacrifices and hauntings. Apparently many folks knew about this place. During spring Equinox and Halloween night hordes of curious adventure seekers flocked to an old church. In the 1920s people came to see what was called a Portal To Hell and caused excessive damage to the old church. True or not, this place called “The Most Evil Graveyard In America” is now off-limits.

However, if you could locate this place would you go there during the 2017 Equinox to see yourself if what those who have been there say is true?

One thought on “A Portal To Hell?

  1. Hello Scott,

    I do not think that I have ever heard of the Stull Cemetery in Stull, Kansas before, thank you for sharing that, I just watched this YouTube video about it:

    -John Jr


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