Norman Mailer’s “The Presidential Papers”

As everyone already knows, Fidel Castro passed away last week. He was a school teacher, as I recall, and he took power from Batista. A great deal of political turmoil has occurred since then and I’m not sure the truth ever came out. In fact, I’m not sure where the truth lies. Those who knew the whole truth may no longer be among us.

There are those who wish to believe that Castro goal was to make Cuba a Communist Island Nation, for lack of a better term. But Castro didn’t have much leverage in the world of politics, not even in Cuba. He was overshadowed by nearly everyone. Norman Mailer’s The Presidential Papers bring a different slant to how Cuba became a political thorn.

After Castro had taken over leadership of Cuba he intended to make it a democratic society. But the USSR and the United States had different ideas, according to Mailer. In order to keep balance of power and “peace”, as it were, it was decided that the USSR should maintain a toehold in the Western Hemisphere and Cuba was given over to their control.

Castro was enraged, but no one listened to him. No one cared what he thought.  He took that hatred to his grave.

That’s the take I got from Mailers collection of essays in The Presidential Papers.