100-Day Challenge – Day 23 (Revisited)




Mama’s Boy

Mr. Black, aka Mama’s Boy, a name he answers to more readily his only a few teeth left, as mentioned in an earlier post. Therefore, we insist that he eat only enough dog food to keep him regular and healthy. The bulk of his diet comes from the table – we, too, are old. Tonight it’s was cheese soup and toast. Last night he enjoyed beef stew over rice. For his rations we purchase small, paper bowls. He know where they are kept and he has laid claim to them.

Late last week I had some apple butter on toast. Barb doesn’t care for it so I dined along. And I used one of his bowls.

He knew where it came from and he assumed that anything served in his bowl should be his to enjoy. He was not pleased when I didn’t share.


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