100-Day Challenge – Day 24

Write ten tweets from the perspective of the main character of a major novel or play? What does Jay Gatsby tell cyberspace that he might not tell us? How would this affect gossip and intrigue in a Jane Austen novel?

Length: Ten 150-character-or-less tweets

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I’m too busy with life to be bothered with Twitter, so I’ll do this my own way.

Russian Holocaust ice-skating routine slammed as ‘unbelievably tasteless’


Looking back into the annals of history is often uncomfortable for some. I wouldn’t call that discomfort tasteless. Especially to those who choose to believe the holocaust  never occurred, or to those who wish to bury it so deep that the upcoming generations will never know about it.

But who authorizes certain folks to rewrite history? It is what it is. It is what it was. And it shouldn’t be changed by a bunch of Dudley-Do-Writes. If they are physically present and offended they can leave. If they are watching it on television they probably know where the power switch is located..

I thought this skating routine was excellent. Like opera or a play it evolves from a story. Those who are unable to grasp that story shall go to their graves wondering. Unless they educate themselves.

Trump found fault with the current broadway play, Hamilton. And I don’t agree with his shortsighted opinion of that either.

2 thoughts on “100-Day Challenge – Day 24

  1. Scott says:

    i wasn’t aware of any of the other background you’ve mentioned. In my opinion it echoed a moment from the past. It fit into much of what I’ve read. I’ve read scores of novels during the past few years. My old age my memory has turned them all to mush, so I’m unable to point only general facts and nothing in particular.


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