100-Day Challenge – Day 26

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Ed is a Christian. Mike is a Muslim. In spite of the differences in their faiths their friendship has flourished. Without a doubt this condition has remained strong because they are respectful and tolerant of the other’s faith.

Ed answers a knock. After crossing the room he opens the door, knowing it’s his longtime friend, Mike. They always meet on a Thursday afternoon to shake and enjoy a cup of tea together.

“How’s your wife?” Ed after pouring tea and settling into his overstuffed chair.

“She’s fine. We’re both growing older, but life is still good. How are you getting along?”

“Well, Mildred is in a nursing home. She broke her hip, you know.”

“I didn’t know. I’m so sorry. Is there anyway I can help?” offers Mike.

“No, it’s a day at a time. But I have tea every morning with her. She should be past the skilled care she needs in another three weeks. Then I can bring her home.”

“That’s good.”

They continue with small talk. Finally, it’s time for Mike to head home. It will soon be time for his afternoon prayers. As he levers himself from the sofa Ed notices he favors his right knee. “What’s the matter with your knee?”

“Oh, it that arthritis. It flares up when it rains. It’ll be okay once the sun is back out. When the dampness settles in my joints I use a pillow at prayer time.”

“I hope the sun is back soon.”

They shake again and Mike heads for home.

Ed, dropping into his chair, grabs his iPad and checks Amazon. After a minute or two he finds a list of knee pads, taps on the one of his choice and then taps on 1-click.

The following day Mike answers his doorbell and finds a UPS deliveryman with a package. Inside is a pair of knee pads and a note: