100-Day Challenge – Day 28

Go for a walk and write down every sign and message you find in the street. Go back home and write them all down on a piece of paper, then arrange them into a poem. Does your walk’s route come into play? Is there any method to the order of your messages?

Length: No more than one page


^  ^  ^

This seemed like a silly challenge and I almost didn’t do it. But here it is.


I’m supposed to pen a poem

From nearby signs I see

They meant me to travel on foot

But our home is in the country


So we drove toward town to find

How many sign there might be

Highway and business both

Like Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC


Then we journeyed on to town

And surprised that we found

Signs everywhere, there were

Hither, thither, all around


There was McDonald’s and WalMart

Eagle’s Nest, and Clarence 9 foot 4

Road Mart and Huddle House

Subway, Youth Center, and more


But we gave up on our search

Where the sign read East 82

Gave the steering wheel a spin

‘Can I’d rhymed all I was gonna do