100-Day Challenge – Day 29

Imagine you are talking to a version of your five years from now, and interview them. What questions can they answer better than others? What places or people have remained in your vision of the future? What will be your goals five years from now?

Length: 500 Words, or ten questions


Time for a vacation has arrived. But vacations were no simple matter traveling from Mars. Nearly a year had passed, twenty percent of the time I’d been away from Earth before I arrived back home.

Arriving home was rude. My grandparents have passed on. My little sister is involved in a sour marriage. My best friend is doing time at Folsom for trying to hold up a Brinks truck. Really. There’s stupid and then there’s stupid.

I should know.

While one finger points outward four others are pointing inward. Basting off for Mars was not the best way to apply my heavy-duty education, my PhD. I mean, I could have been CEO of some huge cooperation by now and rolling in dough, on the golf course every afternoon. Instead, I sitting on the front porch of my folk’s house trying to get this red dust off my shoes.

Four days have passed since I arrived home. I’ve borrowed Dad’s car and drove into Hume. At first it seems as though nothing has changed. But after parking and hoofing it around the square it becomes obvious that everything has changed. Koonz’s Drug Store is boarded up. Somebody said he went to Hawaii. Eddy Herman bought the old pool hall it filled with used car parts. The DX service station is closed. Weeds are growing up where the gas pumps once stood.

But the changes at Hume aren’t all bad.

A new building went up while I was away. Three local women founded a place they call Sisters Cafe. Big hit. Next door stands a corrugated metal feed storage building – no windows. W

The women bought it. No one realized they were expanding until they had the place cleaned up and lighting installed, Now it’s a new dining room. I bought dinner at Sisters and chatted with a few people I don’t remember.

Bottom line, I don’t fit in here anymore. So I drove back to the farm.

There was a time when Dad farmed a thousand acres – corn soybeans, alfalfa, and the like. But he’s gotten older. He’s rented out about nine-hundred and fifty acres to a young farmer who would like to own what he’s renting if they could come to terms. I don’t know what the future holds. Doubt anyone really does. But the rental fees gives he and Mom an income without busting their knuckles. Now they can go putter in their huge garden and then set on the back porch to watch the sun go down.

This morning I rolled out of bed at dawn and decided I’ve fooled around here long enough. I phoned the launch director at the Cape this morning. There’s a load of freight heading for Mars day after tomorrow and I have a seat reserved.

I’ve tot to get back there before things change and I won’t fit in there either.

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