100-Day Challenge – Day 30

In 300 words or less, describe your personal utopia. What would your perfect world be like? Then, write from the point of view of somebody who hates your utopia, write a dystopian novel. Consider reading Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World for some insight.

Word Count: 600 Words

^ ^ ^

Utopia, the perfect environment. But that condition won’t remain Utopian very long without comparison, be it ever so slight.

In 1963, after learning that my duties as a combat aircraft systems maintainer would take me to the West Indies for three years was a glorious surprise. With only a smidgen of information concerning this place I made inquiry as to what I could expect. The results were all over the map – perpetual summer and quiet, deserted beaches were ho-hum. And it all became true. But even more information was brought to light by my base escort upon my arrival.

The sameness will drive you crazy,” he warned.

I made no response.

You married?”

Yes. Wife and little girl have to remain on the mainland until she’d six-weeks old. I’m living in the barracks for now,” I said.

He nodded and we continued on to the next places I was required to make my presence known – dental clinic, hospital, security, and the list goes on.

Your living in the barracks means you probably haven’t encountered the bugs yet. They got a few down here. When you rent a house be sure it’s concrete. When a hurricane strikes your presence may be required at the base and your family will have to shift for themselves. You want them safe.”

So how soon will you rotate back to the mainland?” I asked.

Two months.”

So where’s home?”

Austin, Texas.”

Eventually, I was signed in, acquired my security clearance and went to work fixing airplanes. My car arrived by ship in about three weeks. I rode a weekly air force bus to San Juan to fetch it at the docks. In another three weeks I had a house rented, picked up my family at the San Juan Airport (Aeropuerto) and we settled in for the duration.

We loved our new home. We lived off base among those who called the island home and before my tour was over we had become one of them.

There were a few negatives – shopping was sparse, bugs were a healthy lot.

The last words spoken by my sponsor as he dropped me off at the Orderly Room still ring in my ears:

My first morning back in Austin I’m going to stand on the back porch and piss in the frost so I can watch the steam rise,” he said.