Col. Glenn Road

As some may already know, Barb, my wife, has suffered severe health problems during this year of 2016. She and I have made numerous trips to the Arkansas Heart Hospital as well as St. Jude Heart Clinic on the west side of Little Rock, Arkansas.

The route we follow in order to reach both of these places is west on I-30 and then north on I-430. About a mile south of the Arkansas Heart Hospital we observe the sign marking Col Glenn Road. During each trip to visit to these health providers I’ve been reminded of this man.

If I were a man of means I would see that, for a time, American Flags marked his road.

4 thoughts on “Col. Glenn Road

  1. Scott says:

    Thank you. She’s had two heart attacks. We’ve been married 54 years. We live near the Louisiana line. Lots of trees.


  2. You are a man of “means” Scott. I can “see” those flags lining the road in my minds eye! Beautiful visual to share around the world, even when we are unable to make the drive to John Glenn Road. Thanks you for sharing your wealth of “what your heart and eye can see”:) Blessings to you and Barb for the Holidays!


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