Fresh Baked Bread


Yesterday, I emailed a friend living in Chicago. He reported a very cold temperature, but that he’d baked bread which help to warm his house a bit. He went on to explain that his grandparents had owned and operated bakeries in both Europe and the United States. For the past fifty years Barb has baked bread and pastries. After I mentioned that, he shared this childhood memory with me. Memories like these are what make the world go around.

Thank you. The addition of whole wheat flour adds to the nice brown color and I substituted honey for the sugar in the recipe.
As a young child I watched my grandfather prepare bread and other baked goods. At that point he was still using a feather brush to apply glaze, an icebox (ice blocks, no Freon or ammonia refrigerant) and the ovens and ranges were oil- or kerosene-fired (I recall the smell emanating from the fuel tanks). A long preparation table provided the surface used to stretch strudel dough and roll out hand-cut egg noodles. This was in the small Michigan town I’ve previously mentioned.