Nexus 7



I bought a Nexus 7 about four years ago after I injured a typing finger on my left hand I thought the voice to text would do the trick. Well…I speak so poorly even the Nexus doesn’t know what I said. It became what a friend calls “A BOUGHT EXPERIENCE”. For a year or more the only thing it had going for it was speed.

After giving my iPad to Barb I started doing some blogging with it, and it works better than my desktop HP. My fingers are too large for the virtual keyboard, so I spend extra time choosing suggested words or going back to manually correct typos.

Saturday I ordered a wireless keyboard from Amazon – $20. It’s supposed to be here Friday.

I’ve been using an iPad for several years, typing with two index fingers rather than 10-finger.  While recovering from two heart attacks Barb has developed some exceptional skills with the Sims game. She keeps a second iPad busy. So she needs it more than I do.

I’ll have to provide a Nexus 7 update soon.

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