Worried About Andy In Ukraine


A Google map of Ukraine

Nearly two years have passed since Russia invaded Ukraine. This is serious business. As a rule, the events happening beyond the borders of my home country are not personal. It’s more of a news item. But my amateur radio friend, Any Nechaevsky issued a personal alert when the invasion began. He feared for his own safety and he felt certain he would lose his radio license before it was over.

Then he went silent.

I could only imagine the worst. The loss of his license was small potatoes compared to his life or the life of someone in his family. But all I could do was wonder.

Seventeen months passed while I wondered about Andy.

Andy is a book illustrator, by trade. About three months ago I saw a short paragraph regarding his work, but nothing more. As much as I wanted to know his situation, so I didn’t dare try to reach him by radio (I’m old enough to recall the Stalin days where a person could create problems simply by asking questions.)

Today, I received the following message via the Internet. I am overjoyed.

Thank you a lot, Scott, I’ve been so pleased to find your kind words here.
We’re o’k now, living here in the city of Lviv, Western Ukraine. I have no a big, overseas capable antenna, just a balcony whip, but I’m still on the air, for sure. Now I’m about to finish my very new QRP tube transmitter and plan to publish the article on that on my http://glowbugs.info
Merry Christmass and 16 tons of a best wishes to you and yours.
p.s. My spanish shouldn’t be considered as “fluent” – in fact, the only phrase I know is “solamente pocas palabras” ))