Thomas Jefferson


Photo Source: Wikipedia

Apparently, Thomas Jefferson is credited with coining the name Capital Hill, borrowing it, in part, from Capitoline Hill, one of Rome’s seven hills.

According to Wikipedia there is more than one theory for how Rome arrived at the name Capitoline Hill. Sometime during the 1600th Century the word “capital” was defined as a dominant height. Others claim the word originated from “Caput”, referring to a skull discovered nearby while the foundation for the Temple of Jupiter was being laid.

All that aside, Jefferson achieved much for this country, perhaps more than he achieved for himself. I believe it was in the pages of “American Sphinx” by Joseph J. Ellis that I read he owned a massive amount of property, including 120 slaves. However, after his passing his creditors descended on his home in order to retrieve what was owed them. The writing desk that is apparently on display at the Smithsonian Institute is the only item they found that was not mortgaged.

Seems like he might have been ahead of his time.