Who Is He Chatting With?

A couple of weeks ago a son-in-law mentioned we should get rid of our paper and pencils. “No one ever uses them anymore, he said. “I do,” I said, adding, “so do attorneys when they take notes from clients. And the last time I saw US Navy flying near the Chinese man-made islands the observers were taking notes with pen and paper.” I didn’t mention my stack of paper journals filled with scribbles. “It’s the way some of us old people pass the word,” I finally added.

With our world as it is, leaders with fingers on the button, waiting, one wonders about the future not not only for ourselves, bu of these expensive solid-state devices we love so. Their functionality will, in case of a nuclear blast, become so much plastic, dielectric, and silicone in a nanosecond.

However, I can already see the survivalist climbing from his safe haven and grabbing his a cell phone he’s shielded and begin tapping on the keys and I remember my father’s question some 60 years ago.

“Who invented the radio?” he asked. “Marconi, some say,” I replied. “What did he listen to?” was his next question.