Yep, She’s A Female


Frank works in the northeast corner of an automotive shop. Off to the side of his work area is a sump covered with a heavy steel plate. A couple of dozen square holes allow for drainage. Nobody ever complains about his work. That is, until the tune up on a Ford goes sour.

The owner of the Ford returns in a white dress. Her face is red.

Frank gets right on it. While he’s on one side pulling the distributor cap to check the points she’s on the other side bitching across the engine at him. When he goes to the other side they switch places and she resumes her complaints.

After three times of switching sides he’s loosing patients with her and moves a bit too quickly. She’s forced to step back. Of course, she doesn’t know about the sump grate. Her heels snap off in the drain holes. She goes over backward. Her dress goes over her head.

Yep, no doubt about it. She’s a female.