Your Craft: Why Do You Write?

It's All in Finding the Right Words


Your Craft: Why Do You Write?

My First Thoughts

When I write, I research. For me, the facts,,, sometimes, even the smallest detail… are important! (I hate to discover a fallacy in a novel. The storyline suddenly stops and all I can think about for the next half-hour -or longer- is… Don’t they know how to Google?)

Often my personal writing leads me to questions about life, and the things in life, that I had never ever thought about asking …nor did I even think that I needed to know. Suddenly, there is a flurry of inept fingers and misspellings on the keyboard because there is a fact that is so overwhelmingly relevant in my life I cannot wait to discover the answer.

As I Continued to Process Why I Write

There are far more nuances than conclusions in my quest to discover the WHY of my writing…

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