Bonny and Clyde

It was midsummer 1928 in western Missouri. The wheat harvest was in full swing. Weston and Wilfred had thrashed into the night, until the dew had settled on the fields. Moisture had made them wait until late morning, after the sun had dried the wheat bundles before they could continue. Rain was in the forecast, a sure disaster if the harvest wasn’t finished. Wilfred, the older brother lived with his new wife in an aging house near Rucker Siding, about two miles west of the small town of Walnut.

Weston, having visited the field they’d worked the night before found it dry enough to continue and had stopped by the Rucker house to share the news. He would be there only a moment, so he left his new 1928 Ford V8 idling in the driveway with the drivers door open. Little did he know that Bonny and Clyde were doing the Farmer’s Bank in Walnut. Nor did he realize they were in the market for a faster vehicle than the Chevrolet they were driving.

Stepping off the front porch, Weston found his Ford gone. In it’s place stood a Chevrolet with the engine idling and the driver’s door open.