The APRS System


The GPS Course Plotted On A Map

An amateur radio friend living in Portland mailed me an APRS TNC, a radio device that allows hams to send very short messages worldwide. I’ve been involved with it before using connection cables and such. This is the latest – to my knowledge – connecting with Bluetooth.

My first TNC from 15 years ago, even though it, too was solid state, was about the size of a 1,000 page novel. This one is small enough two of them will fin in an Altoids mint can with room left over.

I feared I might be getting in over my head, but it worked pretty well. While awaiting a TNC/radio cable to arrive I connected it through WiFi and walked around as far as my Internet signal reached, and it showed my course, speed, and elevation.

That TNC, radio, 12” antenna, and an Android tablet make up the entire system which will fit in a large pocket.


As soon as I’m sure this system works I mail it back to him and order one for myself.