In my years on Earth I don’t recall a more hateful person taking the Office of President than Donald Trump. Is it because while growing up he never had to deal with the word NO? Or is he unable to shed his negative attitude? Whatever the case, he doesn’t seem to play well with others.

During my period of active military service I witnessed many commanding officers taking over squadrons to which I was assigned. Some laid back to witness the situation before they began making changes. Others set about reinventing the wheel on day one. The ones who didn’t wait until they had a feel for their new responsibility seldom occupied the commander’s office for any respectable length of time.

Many years ago someone stated that presidents took the office bringing many different viewpoints. But by the time they had served their term they shared many of their predecessor’s views.

If this statement holds true for Trump he has some distance to travel before he resembles anyone I can recall.

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