A Dog Called Patches

I’ve written about this animal before. We don’t need a second dog. In spite of the numerous difficulties she’s created, she has worked her way into our hearts. Bottom line – I guess we haven’t tried hard enough to find her a good home, a home with kids.

Our oldest daughter, Evie, upon learning about Patches, shipped us a dog crate. I didn’t have any experience with those things, but the photo glued to the rails showed a chow dog setting half in/half out and looking content had to be a bald-faced lie.


Patches took to that crate like I would take to a blazing fireplace on a cold winter night. To add encouragement I rewarded her with a dog biscuit each time. Now, when I step outside to fetch her, she charges past me into the open door of the dog crate, turns around and sets down. 

Without a doubt we’ve all been to the supermarket and watched the youngsters so full of energy they are doing everything short of cartwheels while Mom is trying to compare prices.

Meet Patches.

This morning I didn’t bother attaching the lease while I let her take care of matters before we went inside. All the while she was leaping into the air like a freshly caught bass. And When I opened the door she passed me by like a dirty shirt.

Evie says she’s happy.

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