Patches Finds A Good Home

Nearly a month has passed since I found that young pup hiding beneath a training room at the firehouse. I brought her home, knowing we could not provide a permanent place for her. Ours was a stopgap measure to prevent her from losing her life out on the US highway.

We contacted the local veterinary hospital, but they couldn’t help. Neither could the animal shelter because they are fighting Parvo – a serious dog disease – and unable to take anymore homeless animals.

This morning we came to grips with our dire situation. About 9 o’clock we took her to Walmart where I taped a sign on the windshield that read: PATCHES NEEDS A HOME.

Usually, the Walmart parking lot is filled to capacity on any given Friday morning. But not this morning. We parked close to the food entrance and waited. A half-hour passed before that magic moment arrived. A young couple needed a young dog to help his widower father through his long, lonesome days.

We,will miss Patches, but we are comforted knowing she is serving a greater need than ours.