Lauguage Thoughts

If you are fortunate enough to speak more than one language, which one do you think in? This is a question that has never been satisfactorily answered, to my benefit.

As one of the tests I sometimes ask an unexpected question of someone who had command of more than one language and then note the first word of their response. But I’m still not satisfied.

Years ago a friend was the father of two young children. Many of their playmates spoke Spanish. In a short period of time they were speaking Spanish as well as anyone on the playground and speaking English at the dinner table.

Their father once told me they talked in their sleep part English, part Spanish.

I wish I knew which language they thought in. Perhaps both?


2 thoughts on “Lauguage Thoughts

    • Scott says:

      Yes, I’m familiar with Spanglish. And there are so many dialects, of Spanish. I once chatted with a Spanish speaking ham using Morse code using Q-signals. I learned his town, his age, radio, etc. So I sent him a postal letter in English. He answered in Spanish. I took it to my grandson who had four years of Spanish and he couldn’t read it.

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