Camping Itinerary: Colorado’s Pawnee National Grassland

Find a Friendly Rock

It’s always fun to compare your best-laid plans to reality. Here are the best-laid plans for RV Trip #2.  I wrote this while nervously eyeballing a foot of snow in the yard. But the weather app delivered: 70-degrees-and-sunny for a spring weekend on the Grasslands.

Trip Goals

  • Procure a meteor shower for my 4-year old, because she asked to “see a shooting star with Mama,” with total confidence that Mama could make that happen
  • Sandwich a little American History between our s’mores
  • Introduce my forest-dwelling cubs to a prairie ecosystem

General Plan

Two nights of boondocking on U.S. Forest Service land in Pawnee National Grasslands.

While camping reviews for the Grasslands range from “okay” to “meh,” I’m convinced we will make this memorable with proper research. And research is my jam.

Out and About

A prairie is not an amusement park. It’s simultaneously vast and subtle. I want my girls to acquire a sense of this: to open up, settle in, and contemplate some grasshoppers.

Trevor Pellerite, quoted 

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