It’s In the Details

During a three-way email discussion this week we reviewed a World War II movie where Morse code was sent on the sly by a tap dancer while the Tommy Dorsey Band played in the background. Our discussion was not so much about the move, but what language was used to send the secret message. It was tough copy, whatever it was.

I finally decided the message was sent via American Morse and by means of the old Sounder. In this manner one doesn’t copy the length of the tone. Instead, one copies the length of time the electromagnet is engaged – the time span between the click and the clack.

It was still difficult, but I was able to copy along with the person who was printing the characters. The movie reviewers thought he was writing it ahead. I found they were wrong, especially when she stamped her heel and then hesitated before continuing signifying a “T” in the word BOAT. In American Morse the T is three times longer than in International Morse.