Back When I Was A Businessman

I think this photo was taken about 1947 – 1949. I was raising rabbits and selling them dressed out to a local grocery store.  The manager bought everything I brought him, which wasn’t many. It’s been 70  years, about, so exact numbers are impossible, but I think I sold him about 20 or 25  rabbits every quarter. It gave me walk around money.

Sometime later I discovered girls and then cars. I lost my focus on business.

7 thoughts on “Back When I Was A Businessman

  1. Vicky says:

    Hi Dad,

    Thank you for your time served in the Air Force.

    I always enjoy reading your stories. You attach such beautiful pictures to your memories.

    I love you,


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    • Scott says:

      Thank you on both counts. The thing I’m holding is a hay feeder. It tipped out to fill it. I must have posed for this picture because I had to stand on a box to fill the top one.

      One of my classmates, Patsy Razzie, a pretty girl, insisted that I bring her a rabbits foot. She was grateful for a couple of weeks until a maggot crawled out of it. Ha Ha.


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