The Accident (Flash Fiction)


Donald had been trying for sometime to rouse me, but until now his efforts were fruitless. And he was running out of time.

Do you need to go outside, Donald?” I asked.

He raced for the door and then returned, waiting patiently while I slipped into street clothes. Hooking his leash, we locked the apartment and headed for the elevator. The light indicated it was at floor nineteenth.

Hang in there.”

The bell sounded. The elevator door opened. We stepped inside, turned and waited for the door to close. I felt a jolt and then heard the familiar whistle of displaced air.

Between floors eight and nine Donald could wait no longer. The spaghetti we’d shared had not set well. The odor was severe Unfortunately, I’d neglected to grab a plastic bag.

At that precise moment the elevator bell sounded. The morning rush was on.

Oh no!” screeched a woman.

I heard choking sounds.

Then I had the elevator to myself.

Can you help me?” I shouted at a custodian. He looked, then turned and vanished.

Come Donald,” I said, and I headed for the main entrance.

195 words