Self-driving Vehicles

When my paternal grandfather was courting the girl who became my grandmother they did so in a surrey fitted with a leather dashboard costing $750 in 1897. He drove the horse, Ned, the twenty miles to her house. That was all he ever shared with me. When the time to leave arrived Grandpa tied the reins to keep them from dragging on the road and curled up in the seat and slept the way home, because Ned knew the way. No driving license was required.

In a sense, it was a self driving vehicle.

Will a driving license be required to ride in a present day self-driving vehicle? If so, how about the folks we now consider passengers, will they need to be licensed?

How about a DUI? Who takes the fall?
Youngsters absorb information and skills quite readily. Watching Dad at the wheel is often enough. 

That’s a good thing until one fine morning as breakfast time approaches someone discovers the four-year-old is missing. 

And so is the car.

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    • Scott says:

      Thanks Peter,

      Actually, I do have bits and pieces of their romance, but

      Nothing shedding any light on passion or no. I have a fence building story I try to find and post here today. I could have learned a lot from my grandfather if I’d had the presence of mind to ask questions. But…you know how that goes.

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      • Oh yes! I also expressed my regret of not having the interest as a child to ask my aunts and uncles about our family roots, while they were still alive.


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