We were a covey of neebes trying to master Morse code in order to earn our general class amateur radio operator’s license. And we were stuck on the ten-word plateau. The elusive thirteen kept it’s distance until someone mentioned King Arthur’s Round Table. I’m sure the suggestion was made in jest, but the idea flourished. And it helped
Live, on frequency, and in code, we created a virtual table with seating to accommodate all who wished to join in.
QJR, it was called. It was an acronym for Quick John Run. Potty breaks were no allowed. And to enforce that rule the person next in line send his message, or ask his questions could declare a roll call. Everyone was obligated to reply to their call sign with HR (here). If there was no response the game was terminated by sending QJR.
Our record of uninterrupted Morse code lasted 4 hours and 35 minutes

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