Why Do Fewer Women Write Letters To the Editor? That was a question published in the Atlantic Monthly Online, 17 May 2017.
I don’t know that there is truth to this question. But if there is, the reason might be that women are busy tending to things that truly matter – family, budgets, things that go wanting if the woman doesn’t tend do them.
I think readers are seldom moved by opinionated letters. However, I do recall an incident that created an uproar, at least among those of poor reading comprehension.
It started in Eugene, Oregon during the 1960s when the downtown business district was overhauled in favor of Urban Renewal. In the process a large park fountain was installed. It measured some twenty feet across. Within days a band of hippies arrived bearing soap and towels. And the Eugene Register-Guard was quickly swamped with letters demanding that the bathers be sent packing. 
One writer, however, stated that the incident didn’t bother him in the least. In fact, one Saturday afternoon he’d purchased hamburgers for his two children and then took them to the park where he watched the bathers while his children masticated. The editor was swamped with a second wave of letters. 
I don’t know if anyone ever tallied the sex of these authors, but it would be interesting to know.