Hitler Escaped To the Moon

I’ve read a number of theories as to why Nazi Germany didn’t invade the UK as many feared he would. It was the waters of the English Channel some said. I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s not so far afield from other straight-faced opinions I’ve heard and read. If that’s factual than where is the truth in the the rumor that he escaped to Argentine aboard a submarine. Even the identity of the boat is recorded. However, this past winter that vessel was discovered sunk off the coast of Norway, a long way from Argentina.
Theories concerning what happened to this guy have been circulating for nearly 80 years. Why? I’ve not a clue. Unless these are outlines for some hellish novels that have leaked to the media.
But this morning Google News carried a story published by AL.Com concluding that Hitler is not hiding on the dark side of the moon?
Really? 😳