Superman 01

Clark Kent is a newspaper reporter of long-standing. He files his reports on a timely basis, often by texting on his cell phone. Many are front-page features. His desk is often vacant and the tools of his trade are often untouched. People are often curious of what he’s up to, but no one inquires, not even the publisher.

The Cold War officially ended decades earlier. Groups of bad folks are constantly searching for ways to give civilization pause. But the local police, NSA, FBI, CIA, and other agencies not so well known have managed to squelch most terrorist activities. Therefore, Superman has kept a low profile for more than a decade. Then came Curly Eddie.

Curley Eddie, a grandson of Pretty Boy Floyd, relatively unknown until only the last few weeks. He is posing a threat to a scheduled high level meeting at the UN Building..

One Friday evening after Kent has picked up his check he pushes through the newspaper entryway and is heading for his apartment, when Sly, a paid informant, steps from behind a large bust of the newspaper founder, Horace Greeley, and palms him a note. Accustomed to such meetings, meetings, Kent never changes stride. Instead, he stops off at a Starbucks for a bold cup java and there takes his first look at the two words scribbled thereon – Plutonium UN.

Swilling his cup of java, Kent looks up and down the street for a phone booth. There are none, thanks to the advent of cell phones.

Fortunately, midway down the block a demolition crew with a wrecking ball have gone home for the evening. In back is a porta-potty that has been left unlocked. Seconds later, Superman emerges.

Superman quickly finds a bread van containing and a sizeable amount of Plutonium. Using his X-RAY vision he converts the Plutonium to an inert mass, transports it and the van to an empty shipping container which he temporarily parks on an orbiting meteor.


Curly Eddie and his cohorts are presently being restrained in a secret offshore prison awaiting trial.

And Clark Kent back on his routine beat.

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