The Supreme Court

It’s difficult to ignore what’s going on in Washington. It’s in-you-face-news at every turn.  I gather most of my news from the Internet – no commercials, no talking heads that never breath, and I don’t have to wait for broadcast time.

Some folks say the public has no say in this. Directly, we don’t, but however it shakes out some Washington folks, maybe looking for work, come the next cycle.

4 thoughts on “The Supreme Court

  1. bill says:

    have to say that i hope a whole lot of them are given the opportunity to pursue new careers. what a mess. but part of this mess is our, that is, the people’s, fault. only about one-third of eligible citizens vote in any given election and those that do, too often, pull the R or D lever rather reflexively. if more of us voted, and voted more thoughtfully, we might see a different kind of politics in our country.


    • Scott says:

      Thanks, Bill. I guess by Monday a decision will be set in stone. I worry about our future, there so much knee-jerk reaction. But according to the accounts I’ve read Thomas Jefferson went home two or three times in a rage while they were framing the Constitution.


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