The Lady In the White Dress


Flash fiction – 228 words

Frank works in the northeast corner of an automotive shop. Off to the side of his work area is a sump recessed an inch lower than the surrounding area floor and covered with a heavy steel plate. A dozen square holes provide drainage. No one ever complained about Frank’s work. That is, until the day a tune up on a Ford LTD went sour.

Martha, the owner, returned her car. She is attractive in frilly, white dress with matching heels and purse. Today, however, she is angry, and yes, she will be waiting for Frank set it right.

Management does not encourage people to loiter in the shop, but she has created a scene, so the manager goes into his office and closes the door.

While Frank is on one side pulling the distributor cap, checking the points, she is on the opposite side giving him a piece of her mind. When he moves to the other side she switches sides and resumes her shrill complaints.

After the third time Frank is loosing patients. Rather than giving her time to move aside, he shoulders past her. In order to regain her balance, she steps back plunging onto the sump cover. Both heels break off in the drain holes as she goes over backward. Her dress flies over her head. By the time she finds a purchase and hauls herself back to a standing position she is livid. Someone is going to pay.

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