Journal-keeping is a large part of my daily life. For some thirty years it has been how I start my day, how I recall a situation. There are no dark secrets recorded therein. They are just ongoing brain-storming sessions – some abandoned, but still a crutch that is often beneficial when developing a fictional character or a sense of place. Therefore all my entries are recorded in #2 pencil. Always subject to change.

My entries began in spiral notebooks, and then computer files when the Commodore 64 became available. Situations were easier to research. But computer files didn’t seem to reflect all situations. Sometimes I move to the porch with a typewriter and hammer out six or eight pages before I nail down what I was trying to accomplish. Eventually, I went back to spiral notebooks and #2 pencils. Last year I began fabricating my own notebooks – 20 sheets of 8.5 x 11 copy paper folded and stapled with a 70 lb cover, dated. It fits in my pocket, my glove box, or a drawer.

For now that seems to work.

2 thoughts on “Journal-keeping

    • Scott says:

      Thanks Peter, The journal writing seldom produces anything worth sharing, but it clears my head and makes my day a bit more manageable. If I can’t think of anything to write that’s exactly how my first line starts. My English teacher once told me I was filled with dangling participles.

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