But What Does Zeke Know?



A neighbor twenty years Zeke’s junior is starting college this autumn. Of course, the administrator suggests said neighbor should own a computer. Some basic computer knowledge, prior to first day, would be essential, in Jake’s humble opinion. But what OS would be the most friendly and compatible with those used at school?

Zeke knew little to nothing about crop dusting aircraft and even less about computers. Still, he shoehorned his way in as associate editor for Ag-Pilot International Magazine, working from home, in another state, using a Commodore 64, Paper Clip Word Processor and submitting his finished copy with a 300 baud modem, and/or dot matrix printer.

Then he upgraded to a DOS machine – a gigantic step. Then came Windows 3.1 and Zeke gave up chasing the windows systems by the time he owned a Windows 7. Now he’s added an iPad 2 and a Samsung 7” tablet to his stable – he often visits help files. Maybe he would be light years ahead if his mind were not cluttered with obsolete information and systems usually found in museums.

He can only imagine the battle he’d encounter if he were trying to generate a time-sensitive term paper on a machine fresh from the store.

2 thoughts on “But What Does Zeke Know?

    • Scott says:

      Absolutely, Peter. When people were shooting the moon they were getting alone with about the same RAM as was available with a Vic 20 – 3k. Had to plan ahead. Thanks for the comment.

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