Birth of the Sandwich

“HELLO THE HOUSE,” shouted the Earl of Sandwich. After the cottage door opened, he rode his his Percheron mount into the house and then thundered: “I’M HUNGRY!”

“Yes M’lord,” replied the wife. Turning, she kneaded a ball of sourdough until it was flat. Then she placed it on a flat rock lying on the hearth to and waited for it to bake. When it was done she covered it with scraps bird flesh and whey curds. Then she rolled it like a jelly roll.

‘I WANT IT ON A PLATE,” roared the knight.

“We have no plates, M’lord. You took them for taxes owed during you last visit,” said the wife.

“oh,” replied the knight, taking what she offered. “Wow! This is good. What is it?”

“We call it a sandwich,” the husband replied.

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