NaBlog Five – Six of one, half-dozen of the other

Write a six-word story about what you think the future holds for you, and then expand on it in a post.


In the greater scheme of things, reaching this goal will not alter my future in anyone’s eyes but my own. It’s day six of my 50K NaNoWriMo Challenge. In reality I need to right on about 1,600 words today, but if I can write an extra 400 each day it builds a cushion should a bad day show its ugly face.

Why do I put this pressure on myself? I don’t have a clue, other than this first draft, “A Boy Called Bob” might be the seed for an e-book.

In 2013 I succeeded in hammering out 50,100+ words within the month of November. It’s called “Tickle Creek”, the story of a young family surviving the Missouri-Kansas Border War that paralleled the American Civil War.

The rules are to get a first draft, no matter how ragged or disconnected. Easy to say. The author of those words never saw “Tickle Creek”. I took the terms ragged and disconnected too literally, and I’m still skirting the parameters of that story in search of a place to start editing.

Wish me well on “A Boy Called Bob”.

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NaBlog Four

This morning I turned on my iPad and got nothing but a blank screen. It wouldn’t respond to a hard reset. It wouldn’t respond to anything. It was broken, therefore so was I … with day three, 1700 plus words from yesterday’s NaNoWriMo 2015 waiting for a backup .. all was lost.

Barb and I follow the Bible study, reading the chapters and verses suggested in the study guide. In order to do it together I downloaded a Bible App that reads it aloud and we follow along.

Well, that was a double whammy – 1700 words gone along with the daily reading that kick starts our day. I looked at the apps for my Nexus 7, but nothing seemed suitable, so I kept monkeying around with the two buttons. So what, if I wiped out everything. Gone is gone, in my book.

Then it all came back. It was like my iPad had been out for coffee and lost track of the time.

Now I’m not sure I can trust it. Maybe I need to do my backup every couple hundred words. Maybe I need a new iPad. Maybe I need a yellow pencil!

NaBlog Three / Why I Blog

Why do I blog? For many personal reasons, I suppose. For starters it time I spend with myself, sorting out yesterday’s events, and taking a peek at what lies ahead on any given day.

I’ve kept a paper journal for some thirty years. Much of it doesn’t make much sense, other than a running record of mood-swings. I may have not been aware of the mood-swing issue if it hadn’t been for a young man I met in Globe, Arizona.

Barb and I were on a road trip with no definite destination in mind. We were simply winging it, and we’d stopped at a city park on the outskirts of Globe for dinner. We’d brought a long a very small charcoal barbecue thing and I was in the midst of ruining a couple of hamburger patties when a young man arrived on a heavily laden bicycle. He was headed for his alumni at the University of Arkansas with two weeks to get there.

Are going to pedal the entire way?” I asked.

That’s the plan.”

Where’s your mirror?”

I don’t think I’ll need one,” he replied.

I think you will. This highway is traveled by many snow bird retires with motor homes who don’t have a clue where the right front corner of their vehicle is.”

He didn’t respond, so I continued. “I have a bicycle mirror in the car. I’ll loan it to you on one condition.”

That being?”

Email me every evening that you can so I can build an attitude graph.”

An attitude graph?”

Yes. After a day’s ride you will face different degrees of exhaustion. I want to grade each day with a scale of one to ten, and then build a line graph after you’ve reached the U of A.”

He consented and took the mirror along with my email address and a postal address for where to mail the mirror when he was finished.

He finished his trip and I made my graph. I was astounded. It looked like the skyline of Idaho’s Saw Tooth Mountains.

I published it in the Oregon Cycling Magazine. I have the copy in which it was featured, but please don’t ask where it is.

To answer your question: Why do I blog? I guess it gives me a better perception of what yesterday was like. That and $2.50 will buy an old fart’s day pass on the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART).

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NaBlog Two.One

Day two. I succeeded in achieving yesterday’s goals – a blog and the first day of the NaNoWriMo Challenge with 1698 words. After spending the summer thrashing through subject matter, and deciding which one Had the best chance of becoming 50,000 words I decided on a first grade boy and his mother surviving World War II.

It came easy, and I stopped before I ran out of words. Without a doubt, I can run with it this morning.

Barb: On Thursday, week before last I took her in to see her doctor for the fourth visit that week. An EKG indicated her heart rate was at 150. I took her to ER where a heart specialist got the number down to 74. She stayed over night in the hospital while they checked for heart damage. There is none.

She’s home now with a bi-weekly home nurse visit and several doctor appointments. The goal is to repair a hidal hernia which apparently creating stress and is the root of the problem.

Things are looking good.

NaBlog One


This is blog number one in my attempt to write a blog each day during the month of November.

As a member of member of the North Texas Rough Writers,I was a winner in the 2013 NaNoWriMo challenge, typing 50,112 words. It was not a walk in the park. One day I when I was mentally unable to kick-start my daily 1,700 task, I logged into Facebook and said as much. “Write anyway!” was the first response. I followed the command, and it worked. It got me over the hump, finishing a few hours short of the deadline.

As a result of so much typing my middle finger, left hand, went out of joint, and I finished the final two days two-fingering it on my iPad. A year later I still rely heavily on the iPad.

Since June 2015 I’ve been on and off about doing the entire NaNoWriMo challenge on my iPad. It wasn’t until mid-October that I found something worthy of the such an effort. I’ve found only two suitable writing apps – Pages and Google DOCS – that seem up to the task, or perhaps I should say that I somewhat trust to be totally compatible with my Open Office word processor and HP desktop.

Why not use the iCloud or Google DOCS Cloud? DOCS lost a chapter of a novel. I found it the next day. I suddenly appeared from nowhere, or so it seemed (probably my own fault). At any rate, I don’t relish fighting a system and a plot line at the same time. I like having total control of my stuff, at least as much control as one can have with a computer.

I might still try to play catch up with NaNoWriMo/iPad.