The Old Man

One evening I stopped by a Safeway store on my way home. When I came out the west entrance I found an old man with a cart full of things. I asked him if he needed a ride. He told me a taxi would come by shortly and he would flag him down. I insisted and at last he relented. After loading his stuff in my car we began the trek to his house which was no less than fifteen miles. Not a cheap cab ride.

Eventually, we reached his house.

A steep path led from the road to his house. As I started to help carry his stuff – which included a fifty pound bag of bird seed – down the hill he insisted that I set it out on the shoulder. His brother would come up the hill and help.

He was so stern that I did as he said. Before I drove back to down I snapped this photograph.


#Day Ten: “Triumph” — Turn Up the Contrast

Taken at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas with default camera settings.


Below is the same photo with the contrast increased.


I was pleased with the difference the contrast made. While the light coming through the archways made a dramatic difference, I had moderate it somewhat in order that the bricks in the first doorway didn’t lose their integrity.

 I’ve gained some useful knowledge from this course. Thank you.

#Day Nine: “Double” — Rotate Your Image

I was not excited about this challenge. Not until after lunch did I even survey the photos I had out to see what could be rotated and still be logical. I was startled when I came across a shot from Grand Canyon’s South Rim. Each was almost as interesting as the original, so I brought forth all four.


IMG_20160809_0001_NEW 2



#Day Eight: “Edge” — Straighten Your Image

Dec. 26-2013 025

I wasn’t certain about the direction after I read them last night. I guess I was uncertain because I didn’t understand the purpose behind this exercise. This morning I still didn’t grasp it, so I decided to have a bit fun, right or wrong. (I didn’t have photos of rock walls or stone fences, but I did have one of a large rock standing in the Pacific

When I enlisted in the air force in autumn 1956 I was assigned to a year-long electronic school at Keesler AFB, near Biloxi, Mississippi. Biloxi was a rather lenient town, so the air force supported 52 bars, at last count. During the winter of ’56 – ’57  the song What’s Behind The Green Door? was beyond popular. While walking along Howard Avenue that song blasted from every doorway.

So, what is behind the Green Door, more rock or something belonging to Blue Beard?

#Day Seven: “Glass” — Interact with a Surface

Without Glass

Photo Taken Through Glass Door

with glass

Photo Taken With Glass Door Open

There is some difference, but I’m disappointed in the results. The differences are obvious with the power line crossing the road and the brownish colors in the trees on the left side of the road (they were blossoms last month, but have now become seed pods. What are they? I don’t know), and a bit darker hue of green. But undetectable without comparing them.

Comparing the two photos in the challenge I concluded that all glass is not created equal. Some evidently has different minerals in the raw ores (sand) than others. Actually, the windows become filters of sorts, some more so than others.

It was a fun project and one I might never have thought of on my own. I’ll never see window panes the same again.