In my old age I’m trying my hand at quilting…hand quilting. It’s slow, but so am I we make a great team.

001 (4)

Our youngest daughter, Vicky, sent me a crazy quilt book and challenged me to make a quilt for her. I was in over my head from the get go. But here it is.

001 (9)

This was my second challenge, another quilt for one of our twin daughters, Sonya. I just set it to her Fed Ex. It will be out for delivery tomorrow.

001 (8)

I made this for Barb, my bride of 51 years. It’s small, 12″ by 15″. She keeps her Bible on it.


This is for our other twin Daughter, Tina. She wanted wild horses, so I did my best. It’s not finished.

001 (6)

The four horses that went on Tina’s.

001 (10)

A work in progress. The American Flag came from a scarf Barb wore while we pedaled our tandem bike on Missouri’s Katy Trail.