The Purpose of This Site

The Purpose of this Word Press site is strictly for hobby purposes.  I have no desire to capture anyone’s email address or send spam.  This is a hobby, nothing more.

This statement has remained unchanged these past three or four years. Everything is in a constant state of change. Especially me. As my mind gains strength over my body my WordPress adventure grows by leaps and bounds. I’m fortunate to be able to participate and share with others. Life is good. And I thank you all for helping to make that so.

5 thoughts on “The Purpose of This Site

  1. Dale Hayes says:

    Deanna was Tonys Wifes name. That was Tonys 60th birthday party I believe, Remember the flys on the cake. Great Pictures Scott. I really enjoyed them Dale


    • Scott says:

      This may have been Tony’s birthday, but I think the photo was taken during the wedding anniversity of wa7??? at the state park near the coast.


    • Scott says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Hugh. I haven’t been on facebook since my account was hacked a few weeks back. Had to reformat the hard drive and lost a lot of stuff, including my address book. Take care. Give your lady my best.


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