What Machine Do You Depend On?

I use an iPad and an old HP Desktop. And I depend heavily on iCloud and Google Drive. It’s time to update, but I don’t want to make a mistake. I’ve already made my share of them.

Does anyone have any experience with Acer. Does anyone have machines they wish they didn’t own?

100-Day Challenge – Day 28

Go for a walk and write down every sign and message you find in the street. Go back home and write them all down on a piece of paper, then arrange them into a poem. Does your walk’s route come into play? Is there any method to the order of your messages?

Length: No more than one page


^  ^  ^

This seemed like a silly challenge and I almost didn’t do it. But here it is.


I’m supposed to pen a poem

From nearby signs I see

They meant me to travel on foot

But our home is in the country


So we drove toward town to find

How many sign there might be

Highway and business both

Like Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC


Then we journeyed on to town

And surprised that we found

Signs everywhere, there were

Hither, thither, all around


There was McDonald’s and WalMart

Eagle’s Nest, and Clarence 9 foot 4

Road Mart and Huddle House

Subway, Youth Center, and more


But we gave up on our search

Where the sign read East 82

Gave the steering wheel a spin

‘Can I’d rhymed all I was gonna do

100-Day Challenge – Day 27

Read one of  Grimm’s fairy tales and modernize of the myths using contemporary language and people. What has changed dramatically? How do you input magic (or a lack thereof) into the story? How do modern times/or opinions play into the story?

Link to Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Length: 500 words

I chose The Golden Goose and tried to edit it in such a way that the story was modernized, but the moral was unchanged:

There was a man who had three sons, the youngest of whom was called
Dummling, and was despised, mocked, and sneered at on every occasion.

It happened that the eldest wanted to go into the forest to hew wood,
and before he went his mother gave him a beautiful sweet cake and a
bottle of wine in order that he might not suffer from hunger or

When he entered the forest he met a little grey-haired old man who
bade him good-day, and said, do give me a piece of cake out of your
pocket, and let me have a draught of your wine, I am so hungry and
thirsty.  But the clever son answered, if I give you my cake and
wine, I shall have none for myself, be off with you, and he left the
little man standing and went on….

^ ^ ^


I once knew a couple who were raising three boys – Tom, Dick, and Harry. They were poor, so anything the boy wanted beyond basic needs they had to earn themselves.

Tom, the eldest, would soon graduate from high school. He needed a car for when he went off to the city to find work.

“You’ll have to earn it,” instructed Tom’s dad.

“I think I could sell enough firewood to buy a car. I could apply at the forest department for a wood permit. May I borrow your truck and chainsaw?” Tom asked.

“Only if you agree to pay me back for the gas and oil. And I’ll probably need a new chain by then.”

“Deal!” said Tom.

On his way to the woods a man flagged him down. His car was in the ditch and he needed a ride back to town to get a tow truck.

“Sorry, but I’m on my way to the woods and I don’t have time to help you,” Harry said, and then he left the man standing at the roadside.

Later, in the woods, the chainsaw kicked back. Tom suffered a deep cut on his leg.. His injury was so severe he could no longer go to the woods. He was unable to earn money for his car and therefore ended up working in a fast food restaurant rather than going to the city.


The following year, the second son, Dick, made a similar arrangement and headed for the woods to earn money for a car. On his way a woman flagged him down.

“My car has a flat tire and I don’t have a spare tire. Will you drive me to town so I can buy a tire?”

“Sorry, lady. I’m on my way to cut wood. I don’t have time,” he told her and then he drove away.

Later that day he felled a tree on his father’s truck. Of course, Dad was outraged and forbid him from using his things again. So Dick was unable to earn money to buy a car.

Two years later Harry came of age. He made a promise similar to those his brothers had made. And he set off for the woods in Dad’s new truck.

He was nearly to his destination when man waved him down.

“My car has stalled. Can you drive me town to fetch a tow truck?”

“Of course. Hop in,” said Harry. He turned the truck around and headed back to town.

“I see you have a chain saw in the back. Are you going wood cutting?”

“Yes, I need money to buy a car.”

“Really? I’m in the market for three cords of wood to get me through the winter. Call me when you have three cords ready.Here’s my card.” It read:

Sam Humphrey

Chimney Sweep

Free Estimates

By the time summer had turned to autumn the two had formed a business relationship. Harry had earned enough cash to buy his car. After graduation he moved to the city, found a good job in an auto assembly plant, met a girl, and fell in love.

Ham and Cheese On Rye


The place was Charleston, South Carolina. The year was the winter of 1958.

I was not yet 20. Another five years would pass before I would be stationed in California and marry Barb.

Several of us were winding up a Saturday night. Weekend nights were often memorable in Charleston what with air force, army, marines, navy, and coast guard all in one town.

A couple of miles shy of the base someone mentioned food. I swung into a no-name bar. Duane Eddy’s “Rebel Rouser” was echoing off the walls.

I asked the bartender what kinds of sandwiches he had.

“People rave about my ham and cheese on rye.”

“Please fix me one,” I said.


Fifty-six years have passed since he fixed that sandwich and I’m still raving about it.


100-Day Challenge – Day 26

This ad is published for Amazon, focusing on the convenience it can provide. It’s called Amazon Prime TV.

^ ^ ^

Ed is a Christian. Mike is a Muslim. In spite of the differences in their faiths their friendship has flourished. Without a doubt this condition has remained strong because they are respectful and tolerant of the other’s faith.

Ed answers a knock. After crossing the room he opens the door, knowing it’s his longtime friend, Mike. They always meet on a Thursday afternoon to shake and enjoy a cup of tea together.

“How’s your wife?” Ed after pouring tea and settling into his overstuffed chair.

“She’s fine. We’re both growing older, but life is still good. How are you getting along?”

“Well, Mildred is in a nursing home. She broke her hip, you know.”

“I didn’t know. I’m so sorry. Is there anyway I can help?” offers Mike.

“No, it’s a day at a time. But I have tea every morning with her. She should be past the skilled care she needs in another three weeks. Then I can bring her home.”

“That’s good.”

They continue with small talk. Finally, it’s time for Mike to head home. It will soon be time for his afternoon prayers. As he levers himself from the sofa Ed notices he favors his right knee. “What’s the matter with your knee?”

“Oh, it that arthritis. It flares up when it rains. It’ll be okay once the sun is back out. When the dampness settles in my joints I use a pillow at prayer time.”

“I hope the sun is back soon.”

They shake again and Mike heads for home.

Ed, dropping into his chair, grabs his iPad and checks Amazon. After a minute or two he finds a list of knee pads, taps on the one of his choice and then taps on 1-click.

The following day Mike answers his doorbell and finds a UPS deliveryman with a package. Inside is a pair of knee pads and a note:


Dairy Cow Farts

According to Yahoo News California is going to introduce legislation against dairy cows farting. I’m not sure how a law will change those acts of nature.

Some thirty years ago I complained to farmer about his field-burning smoke. He didn’t interrupt me, nor did he respond in a rude manner. He simply stated:

“You really shouldn’t complain to a farmer with your mouth full.”

100-Day Challenge – Day 25

This is a chance for you to let go. What is one product or thing that you hate with a passion, and why do you hate it? Do you feel more confident writing now that you have a particular target in mind?

Length: 500 Words

^ ^ ^

I’ve been letting go for a couple of years. But there is one area that still goes against the grain. It’s our instant information. How do we separate truth from fiction?

Information, in my opinion, can be described as truth and opinion. Anyone tall enough to reach the keyboard is an author. This information doesn’t require any authentication, no signature, no messenger’s identity. We don’t know if the author is so-called “expert” on the subject he/she is addressing, or if they are an uneducated, uninformed, opinionated radical who logged on to a public library computer.

Case in point is President-elect Donald Trump. Trump casts a long shadow. It isn’t necessary that he log into Twitter when he feels the urge to bash someone. If he wishes to make a statement at two o’clock in the morning he can call a press conference. No matter the hour someone will be on alert at the bureau desk. People will come out of the woodwork to record what he has on his mind.

During my younger years, which was a long time ago, a responsible person, a person who had earned his/her way to a decision-making position, had the final word as to what was published and what went elsewhere. Information was seldom tainted with opinion.

When we lived in Eugene, Oregon a television newsman by the name of Jim Brown (obviously not his given name) came to work at channel 14. He refined the term “Talking Head”. After reading five minutes of news, he then invested an additional ten minutes explaining to us what his words meant. After a time he drove me off the channel. What happened to people like Walter Cronkite and Gabriel Heatter? Were they the last of their kind?

Gabriel Heatter was gone before television came along. I was small – the year may have been 1944 – when I remember his broadcasts at six o’clock each evening. “Ah, there’s good news tonight,” where always his first words. We were in the midst of World War II, fighting for our very existence and I still recall the stress in my mother’s face as she waited at the radio to hear Gabriel’s opening statement.

100-Day Challenge – Day 24

Write ten tweets from the perspective of the main character of a major novel or play? What does Jay Gatsby tell cyberspace that he might not tell us? How would this affect gossip and intrigue in a Jane Austen novel?

Length: Ten 150-character-or-less tweets

^ ^ ^

I’m too busy with life to be bothered with Twitter, so I’ll do this my own way.

Russian Holocaust ice-skating routine slammed as ‘unbelievably tasteless’


Looking back into the annals of history is often uncomfortable for some. I wouldn’t call that discomfort tasteless. Especially to those who choose to believe the holocaust  never occurred, or to those who wish to bury it so deep that the upcoming generations will never know about it.

But who authorizes certain folks to rewrite history? It is what it is. It is what it was. And it shouldn’t be changed by a bunch of Dudley-Do-Writes. If they are physically present and offended they can leave. If they are watching it on television they probably know where the power switch is located..

I thought this skating routine was excellent. Like opera or a play it evolves from a story. Those who are unable to grasp that story shall go to their graves wondering. Unless they educate themselves.

Trump found fault with the current broadway play, Hamilton. And I don’t agree with his shortsighted opinion of that either.